Stage 1       Stage 2      
  Faro to Lisboa (July 22 - July 29)   Lisboa to Porto (July 29 - Aug 5)  
  Francois Baumard   Bengt Welin  
  Christine Pianon   Joachim Olsson  
  Peter Degerstedt   Jesper Persson  
  Bengt Welin            
  Stage 3       Stage 4      
  Porto - La Coruna (Aug 5 - Aug 12)   La Coruna - Port Louis (Aug 12 - Aug 19)  
  Sami Liiten   Sami Liiten  
  Tommi Kunnari   Tommi Kunnari  
  Bernice Kunnari     Timmo Lindberg  
  Joachim Olsson          
  Jesper Persson            
  Timmo Lindberg      
  Stage 5       Stage 6      
  Port Louis - Le Havre (Aug 19 - Aug 26)   Le Havre - Dunquerque (Aug 26 - Sep 02)  
  Kristian Henningson   Marc Augier   
  Robert Montealbano     Olof Dandanell  
  Text Box: As you all can see things are finally moving. I also would appreciate to get some updates about your arrival and departure times, that way I can better plan how to get you to the boat!
A more detailed plan for each stage will be posted shortly. 
Also notice that on Stage 3 it will be a bit crowded in the boat I hope we can live with this or we send someone to stay in a cheap hotel room! There are 8 beds in the boat if we make place in the salon and Timo only join us on the 9'th.
Feel free to write anything on the blog, especially if you find cheap plane tickets that can be of interest to others.
When it's time for crew change I really recommend people to come down on Friday evening or Saturday and stay in a hotel or in the salon, Saturday evening could be fun.